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Google+ is a creative canvas for building and strengthening your digital brand and it ties into all the marketing you already do with Google. The platform has proven to be an effective tool for both large and small businesses to reach millions of people in the right context, with personalized experiences they love.

Yifat Cohen provides many tools to getting started on Google+. Topics include detailed implementation instructions, business success stories and best practices on how to maximize your results.


Google and the web continue to change and evolve, and there is just too much that you need to keep up with.

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About Us


Featured on Mashable, DataMation, The Rise to the Top, Diamonds in Your Backyard, Entrepreneur on Fire, and many more, Yifat Cohen has mastered Hangouts’ technology and has pushed it beyond its limits.

Among her clients are The Office of the Governor’s of Texas, Mashable Social Good Summit and Versus to name a few. Yifat is one of the very few non-Googlers who was asked by Google to present a Google Product (Hangout) at a Google office, and she is often flown around the world to speak for Google at their Global events.

Yifat is a leading Google Plus expert, Social media, Mobile marketing go-to gal, Founder at G+GoToGal. She was listed as No.1 Top Google+ Users Working as Google+ Marketing. She has also been voted as the Best Google+ user in 2011 by Google+ community, she’s 286 on the Who’s Who for Google+ and the top 1000 Google+ user in the world for 2012.

Yifat is also a speaker, a strategy coach, Google+ coaching, Hangout host. She teaches How to Hangout, How to optimize Google+ and how to use Google+ for business.

Yifat host a weekly hangout onAir show, Every Thursday at 11am CST, called Unscripted Hangouts. Unscripted! hangouts puts you face to face with high profile experts where you learn of them and what they do, and are able to engage in a free, unscripted conversation with them. With over 100 Hangout Interviews and counting, Hangout host Yifat Cohen, brings celebrities and successful entrepreneurs to a Hangout On-Air interactive interview on a computer, a tablet, a smart phone and a Google TV near you.

Unscripted! Hangouts topics range from – SEO, Google ranking factors, Story selling, YouTube marketing, to more entrepreneurial interviews with the likes of TJ Marchetti, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing at The Walt Disney Studios, Meghen Peters, Community Manager at Mashable, Brad Yates, best selling author Freedom at Your Fingertips, David Siteman Garland from theRise to the Top, John Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire, and coming in February, Former US ambassador to the UN.


    Invited by Google as a speaker in events across the globe – Israel, Brazil, Mexico. One of the few non-Googlers invited to present a Google product (Hangouts as a business tool) at the Google office in Austin, TX.


    Active user every day since Google+ Day 2.5 – one of the first 100 people to receive an invitation directly from Google. Included as a Beta Tester for Google+ and Hangouts new features.


    From her training on The Talk To The Top, DocStoc and Hangout Marketing Challenge, Yifat’s training program and private coaching sessions have generated proven results and word of mouth referrals.

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What others say about us

Maya Mendoza

When it comes to Google Yifat Cohen fits the bill. I can rely on her to deliver accessible and understandable up to date methods, ‘how-to’s, and other ‘get-the-best’ from Google+ tips. This is vital information that is usually a notch above the regurgitated information that so may other self-proclaimed experts deliver.

Maya MendozaMilagro Social Media and Digital Marketing Services
David Siteman Garland

Listen, I’ll get right to the freakin’ point.

Before I met Yifat, I knew so little about Google+ hangouts that it was just sad.

Since Yifat showed me (and my audience) the light, I’ve participated in my first Hangout (which was awesome) and I know my audience and customers have been hosting their own.

Yifat will help you dominate Hangouts as well.

David Siteman GarlandThe Rise to the Top
John Dumas

Google is leading the way in the online world, and Yifat is leading the way Google Plus. Until my hangout with Yifat, my understanding of G+ was close to zero. By the time our hangout was done, I truly realized how much opportunity I was leaving on the table by not operating my G+ account the way it should be.

Thank you Yifat for taking EntrepreneurOnFire’s G+ from the dark woods of ignorance to the beautiful fields of opportunity. You rock!

Baxter Slaton

Yifat is that rare kind of teacher that you may encounter a few times in your life if you are lucky.  She has the unique ability to drill down the most complex subjects to the level us common folks would easily understand.  Her passion to help others is infectious not to mention the fact that she is one of the best and most respected thought leaders in the Google Plus arena.  I highly recommend Yifat’s services to anyone who needs to master Google Plus, you can thank me later.

Baxter SlatonHead of Malls at the Silverbird Group, one of the largest entertainment and media companies in West AfricaDoom Inc


Speaking and events

I speak to audiences about the strategy side of Google’s tool and how to use them to build engagement, loyal fans and a community that continues to sing your praises.

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