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I host a weekly Hangout onAir (interactive video show) series called Unscripted! which puts my audience face to face with high profile experts (like David Siteman Garland from The Rise to the Top, James Wedmore from Reelmarketing/YouTube, Magen Peters from Mashable, Escobar Contreras from Samsung, Simon Mainwaring from We First, Simon Slat from The Inc Slingers, John Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire and others ), where my growing audience learn of them, what they do, and is able to engage in a free, unscripted conversation with them.

Topics range from SEO, Google ranking factors, Story selling, YouTube marketing, to more entrepreneurial interviews with the likes of TJ Marchatti, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing at The Walt Disney Studios.

My interviews turn into YouTube videos that continue to attract views (some close to 4000), and can be linked to your products and or lead generating webinars. The products that were promoted during the hangout interviews range from $27 and up to $1500 - all generating sales.

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All my hangouts are an hour long, taking place on Thursday at 11am CST, Noon EST, 9am PST.

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The format is very informal - you and I chatting for 30 minutes about you and what you do, and the other 30 min. are open, unscripted conversation with the other 8 hangout participants, as well as the viewers who interact with us in comments and via the Hangout itself.

Here's an example of a great hangout:

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You? :)

If you're game, fill out this form and let's get to know each other. Tell me what you'd like to share with my audience, add some links to your website and programs and we'll take it from there.

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