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Episode Description

What's the Voice of Your Google+ Page, and How is it Different than Your Profile?
What is the voice of your brand on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter... are they all the same? Do you have to learn to speak differently or do you hire an Engagement Manager, like Kim, to speak for you?

Kimberly Reynolds is the social media voice of all the characters of the Left Behind movie (coming out June 2014), and will be engaging for each character on a different social media platform. Chloe Steele will be on Tumblr and I bet you'll never guess who'll be on Google+!

As social media becomes a crucial part of any business' marketing strategy, how do you represent your brand without losing your own voice?
Which voice do you use on your Google+ Page and how is it different than a Profile?
Join us this Thur. on another amazing Unscripted Hangout, where we discuss - - Challenges and opportunities when being the voice of your brand in social media,

  • The importance of knowing who you are
  • Modifying your voice for each platform
  • Creative ways to use different voices in social media marketing

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