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This ebook contains the presentations I gave at Eben Pagen’s MetaMind event in Miami as well as my top 3 Google+ strategies for Positioning & visibility.

They are yours completely Free  as a Thank You for answering a few short questions.

Why am I asking for less than 5 minutes of your time in exchange for this knowledge?

When applied well, all 3 strategies generate great results, but if there is anything that you're still struggling with when it comes to Google+ and Hangouts... if there's something, anything at all, it might even be the smallest detail that is preventing you from diving in and giving Google+ a chance, then knowing these 3 strategies won't increase your visibility and positioning because that one small detail is still there... preventing you from taking full advantage of this new knowledge.

So take less than 5 minutes and answer these questions so that I may help you on your way to better visibility, positioning and monetization of Google+ and hangouts.


Thank you for your trust,


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