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Supportive community.

You're never alone!

Through group chat, Google community, special members hangouts and access to exclusive training - you'll get everything you need, none of the fluff you don't.

Unlock your prowess!

A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.

And I know you can.

Access to experts

Guy Kawasaki, Jeff Johnson, Joel Comm, Ryan Lee, T.J. Marchetti (SVP Digital Marketing The Walt Disney Studios), Danielle LaPorte, Sichan Siv (former US ambassador to the UN), Srinivas Rao, Michael Vassar (former president of the Singularity Institute) Benjamin Jealous (former president and chief executive officer of the NAACP)...

And you.

Face to face. Live. In real time.

Get everything you need, none of the fluff you don't.

About Us

The Inner Circle is a Membership Club for business owners who are too busy to figure out what works and what doesn't and want to see immediate results.

Whether they are busy growing their business, vacationing, playing sports, raising their children, working out at the gym… Yifat makes it easy to stay on top of having the best strategies that actually work. In our member-focused club, Yifat connects you to the right people, the up-to-date insights and the insider knowledge she gets from her work with Google.


    "I must tell you Yifat, that never have I been working with a coach and they actually communicate/talk to/kid with. Always been schedule your extra time and the charge will be.... thanks for being a "person".

    ~Leila Martin. Founding member.


    Overwhelmed with "great" advice? Not every new feature that comes out is adding to your overall strategy. Get everything you need - none of the stuff you don't.


    Some like to listen, some like to watch and others like to read. Regardless of how you consume information, you'll find your flavor inside the Inner Circle's membership.


    Isn't it time you saw results for the time and money you invest in learning? That's all we're about and we can prove it. The Inner Circle members began as newbies like you, and in just 6 months they became experts in their fields, some with over 2M views (you read that right), leading their own Hangout shows, playing with green screen and building a loyal audience.

    Isn't it time it happened to you?

“Yifat is my Google+ tutor, and I’m so lucky to have her!  The information that she shares and the techniques that she demonstrates save me hours of time each week. If you want to use Google+ to get noticed, to  increase your leads, and to develop quality interactions with people that will actually help yougrow your business, then go to Yifat.  She is such a fantastic resource!”

~ Paul Ramsay, Board Certified Hypnotist and creator of “Mind Games” stage hypnosis show

What’s in the Inner Circle for me?

Private Google+ Community

The wisdom of the crowed: there are many ways to achieve your goals, but you only want the ones that are proven to work. Right?

Our community is exactly that - OUR community. In it, we meet, we chat, we play, we test and we help each other leap forward through private hangouts, chats and tips we don't share with the public.

It's the place where you can find generous, supportive, like minded people who have one thing in common - they're all growing a business, and they understand where you came from and where you're going.

Ready to become part of our family?

Hangout with Experts.

How fast can you leap forward if you could just pick Jeff Johnson, multi-millionaire internet marketer, brain....?

How many mistakes can you avoid if you could have asked David Siteman Garland which of his ways of monetizing web shows is the best one (he has at least 5 ways.. some are a real pain in the behind)...?

How much inspiration would you get from former US ambassador to the UN, Mr. Sichan Siv's story - as he recounts escaping the Killing Fields of Cambodia and making it to the United States...?

What is the exact step by step formula of building a Brand Page with more than 2M views in just 30 min./day...?

How do you get sponsors for your hangout and the exact letter you can start sending your prospective sponsors now...

Inner Circle Members get first dips in joining the Hangouts live and engaging with world class experts face to face.

You can not afford to pay each of the experts for their time, but you can get face to face access to them through your membership and ask them ANYTHING you want.

This feature alone is worth the entire investment and then some.

Private community chat.

You're never alone.

Whenever a question pops up - whether you're in front of your computer or on the go - your new family is here to support you.

We joke, we talk, we solve problems, we brainstorm, we encourage each other, we show up for each other and best of all - we save you time and money by answering your questions, hanging out with you and just being there for you, so you're not growing a business by yourself.

You're not a number. You're not an item on a list. You're a real person, and in the Inner Circle you truly treated as such.

The Best Strategies and Updates.

As a busy business owner you really don't have time for games. You want to know what works now and how to be prepared for what's coming.

You want the truth, not the hype. You want results, not constant upsales. You want to be informed, not waste time sorting through data.

If you're serious about what you want - we seriously got it.

Try us for Free!

Take us for a test run.

Your first week is on us, then just $37/month.

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What others say about us…

Krystalle Keszainn

Yifat Cohen You are rocking my world today. Your Google hangout training videos are awesome. I finally understand how Google+ works. Yes!

Krystalle Keszainn
David Siteman Garland

Listen, I’ll get right to the freakin’ point.

Before I met Yifat, I knew so little about Google+ hangouts that it was just sad.

Since Yifat showed me (and my audience) the light, I’ve participated in my first Hangout (which was awesome) and I know my audience and customers have been hosting their own.

Yifat will help you dominate Hangouts as well.

David Siteman Garland
Mari Smith

What Yifat doesn't know about Google+ isn't worth knowing.

Mari Smith
Jules Taggart

Want To Be ‘That Girl’ Online?

If you’re starting to get more serious about using Google+ to grow your business, check out this new course created by my friend +Yifat Cohen the +G+GoTo Gal. I just signed up and it is awesome so far!

I’ve learned so much from Yifat and everything she creates is genius (plus, she overdelivers by about 1000% so you know this is going to be fantastic).

Jules Taggart