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Thank you so much for coming to this page, I truly value your opinion.

I'm VERY close to completing the update of my long-awaited Google+Hangout course.

The same life changing course that I created 2 years ago that produced some amazing results.

What type of results? Well..

Following the training,

  • Some of my students become authorities in their niche, invited to speak on Hangouts
  • Another gained 400 followers from just one post!
  • And another over 2 million views to their business page, in just 6 months.

A lot has changed in the past 2 years and so I'm refreshing the material to reflect these changes. Only this time around there are better tools that help take the guess work out of social media and shorten the entire process.

So when this course launches it will focus entirely on "Audience and Visibility." It will include access to the tools that I'm using, step by step training videos, cheat sheets and action lists, plus the support you need in email, chat and a private community.

It's going to be a complete brain dump of everything I know about "Audience and Visibility."

I'm going to cover all the ways I use to generate leads, build a list and turn traffic to an engaged audience that shows up and talks about you. Real brand ambassadors!

HOWEVER, I really need your help. Before I finalize everything and put it out there, I need to make sure I have covered everything.

That is where you come in.

Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey - there's really only one thing I want to ask you...

What are your two top questions about Audience and Visibility that I absolutely NEED to answer in my course?

Thank you SO much for your time!

Yifat, Your G+GotoGal