Where are you?

                   … or better yet, where is your Audience? 

                              … how relevant are you to Google?

Are you struggling to attract paying customers to your business?

Why is it that face-to-face conversations, be it 1-on-1, or in a small group are so easy to have… yet when having (what feels like) the same conversation online, people tend to leave mid-sentence, or not show up at all?

Have you ever looked to see if your computer was translating your messages into some foreign language?—it’s not funny, this happened to me!  I didn’t understand why some people were so confused, almost angry… and why others were literally laughing at me.

What’s wrong with them !?!  It couldn’t possibly be me!  The thought of questioning myself didn’t even occur to me for about 10 minutes (ok, maybe longer), and sad to say, it was me.

Change is inevitable… be it for better, or for worst… and we need to adapt. 

If you are still asking yourselves, “what’s wrong with them?” or even “where are they?” perhaps its time you ask the better question: “how can I learn to find, engage with, and build meaningful relationships in today’s digital world?”

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OK – so what is Next?

It’s usually about now… when you reach the fork in the road, that self-doubt and uncertainty trigger a chain reaction.  It usually starts with confusion… which is quickly joined by a feeling of overwhelm… and combined creates a cocktail of frustration.  For most, this path of indecision ultimately leads to self-defeat.

Indecision is a decision… and I hope that describes your competition, more than it does you.  Ultimately, somebody will stand above the others in your market.

Where does the #1 search engine lead the people who type the keywords that best describe you, who you are, where you are, and what you do? 

Are You Brave Enough? 

I Dare You.

Google your name, your website, what you are best know for, and who your help.

I’m scared to ask… so I won’t.  But those results could be scary.

Your audience and your ideal customers are out there.. but are they looking for you?  How confident are you that they will find you before they find your competitor?

Who’s Fault is it, if You can’t be Found?

Your Customer’s or Your’s?

When you authentically answer your customer’s questions, provide them with relevant content and the clearest solution, you will become the undisputed authority and go to expert in your market.

Loyalty is not a thing of the past. But because so many people have been taken advantage of, loyalty is not given away as freely as before.  Today, a customer’s loyalty must be truly earned.  Think about what it takes for you to be loyal to a business?  How often are your expectations ever met, or even exceeded by the businesses you frequent and professionals you hire?

So what is the Most Important Tool Needed for You to Find, Engage, and Consistently Exceed Your Customer’s expectations? 

Of course…  GOOGLE !!  Strategically used, Google will help you find and engage with your customers both near and far.

The combination of connecting the 2 biggest search engines in the world – Google and YouTube, has taken Customer Engagement to new heights.  With the unified platform of Hangouts, you can no longer avoid using Google+.

The risk you face by ignoring Google+, is becoming irrelevant to Google and Search.


Is that a risk your business and family are willing to take?

Because the conversations your prospects and customers are having are on Google Search, word of mouth referrals are there too.  So if your YouTube Channel, Google+ Profile (for both personal and for business), are not set up properly or strategically used… nobody will know nor join your Google Hangout.  Correctly implemented and announced, your Google Hangout will take your and your business to new heights in Search Rank (SEO), and Customer Service.

Today I am at the 22 Social Studios in San Diego, California and about to go LIVE in 3 mins.

I will tell you more about our new membership site and how you can win a set of hard to get Google Glass.

Gotta go.. see you on Air.


Products Price
Hangouts 101 course logo $297.00
Products Price
Google 101 course logo $297.00


Products  Special Offer  Price Savings

GoogOuts 101 course logo

 win-google-glass $447.00 Get both courses for 33% off


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